Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday November 19, 2010 Poetry Big Tent

The prompt was to write a cascade poem.

Big Apple Circus
The Big Apple Circus,
The big top had an unusual form,
It was a one ring circus,
Just your European norm,

A film was made, about
The folks in the circus,
Their lives in and out,
The Big Apple Circus,

There was a tight rope walker,
Jugglers, and such,
The tiny horse died,
The big top had an unual form.

The clowns were introduced,
Their act they perfected,
Made everyone laugh,
It was a one ring circus.

The fliers were graceful,
The catcher had a stronge arm,
They flew through the air.
Just your European norm.


Anonymous said...

Nicely done, Annell

flaubert said...

Nice cascade Annell.

ms pie said...

was that the one on pbs?? it was good but i kept walking away.. i love your cascade...

Brian Miller said...

very cool...i love the circus...and the way you put this on norm int he first stanza, so you can fix it before too many come by...

Elizabeth said...

Annell, I like this form, it does well by most subjects, draws in the reader with the flow and rhythms created by the repeats. I like what happens when I read your words, they come alive and I can hear music and see the trapeze artists flying through the air, and the clowns playing and making everyone laugh.