Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday 20, 2010 PAD Capbook Challenge/ Right or Wrong, Wrong or Right

Poetic Asides with Robert Brewer. The challenge today was to write a poem "Whats right or what is wrong."

Right or Wrong, Wrong or Right
Is it all the same?
What's right for me,
Might be wrong for you,
Samething in reverse.

But there are things,
We know to be right,
And we would say,
That's right every time,
Turn around,
Stand on your head,
Still right and not wrong.

And there are things that are wrong,
Where ever you go,
You will know,
That's wrong,
Still wrong,
And not right.


Brian Miller said...

and stillsome times in the pursuit of right we get it wrong..smiles.

Elizabeth said...

We are on the same wavelength this morning, even though we took it in different directions. Might I make a suggestion? Instead of 'not' in that final line, you might try 'never', it makes a better overall rhythm. And you are very right. We take our sense of right and wrong with us wherever we go.


short poems said...

"Right or Wrong, Wrong or Right
Is it all the same" TRUE
Loved your blog, lovely creative work :)

SandyCarlson said...

Moral ambiguity? Our best illusion. I enjoyed this very much.