Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday November 14, 2010 Crossroads

To see the crossroads of our lives,
We may need a special instrument...
These crossroads may be buried,
Hidden from light.

Your going was the biggest
Crossroads of my life,
You followed the path of your destiny,
In shock, I followed mine.

Taking one step at a time,
My hands trembled,
I was alone in the dark,
I danced to the howl of the moon,

My eyes were blinded,
I used my hands,
My fingers to feel my way,
The path was a circle,

And at the end of this path,
I was my own discovery,
There is no shame in our
Lack of skill,

It is a learning experience and
There are many things to learn,
Most of all, It is the depth of the well,
And it's location.
This information,
May save our lives.


Helen said...

Lovely and would fit in well with The Poetry Bus works this week ....

Elizabeth said...

I love the line, "I was my own discovery." Thanks for your wise words earlier today, and for another fruitful conversation. I like what is happening as you walk this particular path. See you relaxing and finding your own stride. It's a pleasure to watch,