Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday November 14, 2010 Homelessness


Homeless, you are my son.
If you are lost,
I will find you.
I see you on the corner,
With your cardboard sign,
And puppy at the end of a cord,

The road home,
May be a difficult one,
But I keep the light on in the window,
Tears form in my eyes,
With open arms,
I wait for you.


Brian Miller said...

the prodigal returns...hopefully...nice write annell...

Helen said...

Dear Annell,
We have so many homeless in Bend! My heart breaks for all of them. Bend is quite generous in its shelters, food kitchens ... but it can never be enough.

Your post today is lovely.

signed...bkm said...

what a symbol...puppy at the end of a cord...a mother forever attached by love to her son...great write Annell...bkm

Stafford Ray said...

Annell, that really is spot on for me. Your insightful poem say so much. My 50 YO son has been homeless for about 2o years since his marriage broke up. We all tried in the early years to help but he always went back until now. Through all that time I have kept in touch by phone and occasionally tracked himn down to visit then suddenly, after I took photos of his new grandson to show him a few months ago, he is being treated for alcoholism and depression and is looking for a rehabilitation program to break the cycle. Hope never dies where love survives.

Elizabeth said...

My heart did all kinds of things as I read your poem. It is moving and so courageously honest. Then read Stafford's comment above. The world is a small place, and I'm so glad to have met you and shared words with you. Can only hope that continues. Thank you for being exactly who your are. That is a gift,


neva gagliano said...

annell and heartfelt, the painfulness for all. love and waiting and hope for new beginnings.