Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday November 28, 2010

Catch-up Poems for

November 23, 2010 The challenge was to write about form, or no form.

Poem Without a Form
Of form I know little,
It is the song I hear,
I hum along,
I listen,
With pen in hand,
I write.

Really not much to it.
Seek the essence of the moment,
Select the words carefully,
Read them back to myself.
Have I caught the melody?


November 24, 2010 The challenge was to write about space.

An Enchanted Space
The wind blows across the mesa,
The sagebrush shivers,
But the sun shins bright,
Dark clouds hang above Taos mountain

The mountains exist in shadows,
Shiny black ravens,
Practice ariels above
Dark shadows crawl across the sunny path.

Signs define spaces along the road,
32 degrees and freezing,
Double Arches three miles ahead
Yuletide Greeting spelled out in red.

Winter is the time to hunker down,
The bears dream of spring,
There is little snow this year,
Global warming it appears.

There are not many cars on the street,
The town is still sleeping,
Season's Greetings,
The wind blows the last leaves from the trees.

Scattered across the empty road.
Your mood colors the landscape,
Creates dark spaces,
Between each word.

Count the deaths along the way,
Marked with handmade crosses.
In the cold canyon,
Yesterday's snow remains in the dark spaces.

There are no people,You can see,
A picture drawn in loneliness.
The road winds through
The narrow space of the canyon.

Pine trees, too many to assign number,
As we climb the pass,
We now look down on the tops of tall trees.
It is an enchanted space.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------November 25, 2010 This challenge was to write an animal poem.

The grass on the plain has turned golden,
Ravens glide, against pale blue skies,
A brown and white pony
Stands the wind blows his tail.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------November 26, 2010 This challenge was about running.

Highway Woman
Tall and slim,
Long black hair,
Reaches down her back,
Tight jeans swing to the music,
A finger snapping rhythm.
Freestyle, no holding back.
In red shoes she runs for her life.

November 27, 2010 The challenge was to use as a title, Blame the ______________(fill in the blank.)

Blame the Distance
To realize,
To see, with real eyes,
You think in a different way,
Have different thoughts all together.

It is no wonder,
We find it hard to communicate
Don't understand the words spoken,
There is no look of recognition.

Your face is blank,
In disbelief,
There is no way to cross the gulf.
I have forgotten how long it took,

To speak my piece,
With honest,
Without embellishment.

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

Welcome Home! Did you write these each day and save them for now? They are wonderful.
1. Form - your final stanza captures exactly what I do and feel in the making of poetry.

2. Space - Exquisite detailed imagery. All spaces are enchanted if we allow it.

3. Animal - Ravens are about ability to shift form, to change. Horses are about action/movement. Have you brought change home and how will that affect whatever you do?

4. Highway Woman - This one I especially love. She is you, me, everywoman. You do her proud.

5. Distance - This one I felt in my gut. Don't know to whom you speak, but it certainly could be my sister.

You may have been away, but a deep part of your heart was listening with care. Thank you for sharing all of this.