Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday November 7, 2010 Challenge #7/ Pro-Something Poem

November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 7

My pen is poised above white paper.
I am ready to explore, to examine,
And you say, "pro-something."
I am stopped in my tracks.
My pen is motionless,
and remains poised.

What is this Pro-something I wish to write about?
My mind finds you in the darkness,
I drag you into the light,
It is you, you are the one.

Your smile lingers in my mind.
The smell of you follows me thru the day,
Your touch upon my skin,
Awakens my desire.
Without you, all would be the same,
Except for the big hole,
Your leaving would create.

You ask how I would feel,
If you went away for a while,
Took a trip for three months?
Can I say, your absence would leave me lonely?
Your coming or going,
Has grown to be important
And you, how would you feel?

We never know for sure,
Exactly where we will be.
You have to do whatever it is,
You need to do.
It would be an adventure for sure.

Would I become the mummy,
Waiting in my tomb for you,
Uttering soft whispers of love
And longing?

There are other ways to be sure,
A chariot ride with wind in my hair,
A merry-go round,
Riding the circle of time.
Like the French Lieutenant's woman

Or would I even notice your absence?
My life is full,
There is so much I want to do.
I run each day,
My work is demanding.

No one can say
When it comes to the future.
We'll have to wait,
For the curtain to rise,
See what is written,
It will be one way or the other,
We'll have to test the wind,
Chart a course,
Put out our sails.

1 comment:

SandyCarlson said...

You make reference to a favorite novel in this one, and that delights me. This is a beautiful poem. I love you but I love life, the beauty of which I will not resist.... This message invites without promise because it seems to me the first promise goes to life itself. This is a wondeful piece.