Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thursday November 18, 2010 Theme Thursday Food

The abundance of food,
The dougnuts and bagals,
Carrots and ham,
Are the building blocks
Of who I am.

Foods I've eaten
Foods I've known,
Foods I imagine,
When I think of home
Yellow, green, white, and red--
Still there are those,
Hungrey to bed.

Sweet cream, cold cuts,
And cheese,
Pass me another
If you please.
And when I say grace,
I'll remember your face,
The one without,
Lost from me.

Are we the greedy,
Without heart?
Can we help?
What can we do?
The world just isn't kind,
You see,

Sometimes, there isn't a place,
For you......and me.

1 comment:

Stafford Ray said...

" there isn't a place,
For you......and me." Annell, I know you better than that. Sometimes making a rhyme is no excuse for fibbing! :-)