Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday, November 9, 2010 The Challenge was to write a Slow Poem


I Begin Again, Slowly...
I am alone in the studio, It is overcast,
The clouds hang like
A gray blanket over the village.
There is a low light coming thru the windows,
All is quiet.

I begin the day slowly,
I review the work
Accomplished yesterday,
I reject it all.
Reminding myself,

It is not a "waste,"
I was practicing and
I learned much.
I clear my work space,
To begin again.

I select different paper,
I hang brushes to dry,
Carelessly left in water,
I choose new brushes,
And select paint.

At the end of this day,
Or in the morning,
I will review my work,
And I will begin again,

The path of creativity,
Is a slow process,
I am required to bring,
All that I am,
Or Ever have been,

Or experienced,
To my work,
This becomes my map,
My compass.
I take a deep breath,

And I begin, again,


Elizabeth said...

I was up early, came to my computer, and now read my own process in your words. Each day, a beginning, slowly. I even wrote about beginnings. Thank you for so beautifully detailing our process.


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

That is the ongoing experience isn't it? Each morning, beginning again...slowly.
For me, it is blue sky and cool blustery breeze and I will begin again as well.

Jingle Poetry said...

what a perfect piece for today's writing challenge.
way to go.