Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve Taos Pueblo December 25, 2010

The mountain raises above,
The Mother of the valley,
Sacred Madra,
The clouds drop to the tops of the adobe structures
Stacked one upon another,
Like children's building blocks,
Made of mud, smoothed by hand,
Made of heart.

Taos Mountain looks over the celebrations,
Christmas Eve,
The procession of the virgin,
The sky is red in the west.
Bells toll,




The clouds clear and the snow covered peak appears,
People flow from mass
In the tiny white church, onto the plaza.

Hands folded over hearts,
Voices raised in song,
Costumes of the Matachine dancers,
Silver crowns and colorful ribbons,
Masks of ancient ones,
Torches, candles, drums and rattles,
Gun fire explodes,
Bonfires are lit to transform the darkness.
The sky above the plaza equals the sky in the west,
All is ablaze, colored red, embers fly over head.

Returning to the car,
We are plunged into total darkness,
Sun is set, filled with wonder.
Hand in hand,
Together we are each alone,
Walking our separate paths,
Our hearts are filled with a new,
Ancient, old way to celebrate Christmas,
All made of heart.


Marilyn said...

This is so beautiful, thank you for sharing.
Wishing you every blessing of this season.

Brian Miller said...

tofether we are alone...i kept getting hung up on that line...hope you had a merry christmas!


Lovely. the image of stacked cloud and then vanishing of cloud and coming of snow----- beautiful.

Elizabeth said...

Your poem is made of heart. Beautiful imagery, just enough to suggest yet keep a sense of quiet mystery. This might be one of my favorites of your poems until now.


Susannah said...

Oh Annell, that was truly wonderful. I felt that I shared in it through your descriptions.


Thank you for linking to I Saw Sunday.

Jingle Poetry said...

your words dance with music.
amazing flow..
keep it up...

Jingle Poetry said...

Greetings, how are you?

Welcome join us at potluck week 16, with theme as celebrations and festivities..

We value your support, Have A blessed Holiday!
Best Wishes 4 the year of 2011….


Paul Andrew Russell said...

Beautiful writing Annell, and what a wonderful place to live. :-)

Judy Roney said...

This place you write of sounds incredibly beautiful. I have never been to that area but you bring it to me with your words.