Friday, December 31, 2010

Friday December 31, 2010
Thursday Poets Rally Week #36

I tried to tell you how it was,
And why the day was grey,
The silence of the birds,
And why they ceased to pray.

The large coyote,
Pulled his tattered coat
a little tighter,
The song I sang,
No longer made the day
a little brighter.

The chill was deep,
The room so like a tomb,
There was no way to warm one's self,
Nor, to clear away the gloom.

Your voice was deep,
You held me tight,
The day was ending soon,
The night came early,
In deepest grays,
Subdued within that room.

The morning would come,
And all alone,
The silence would be broken,
By a tiny tear,
Rolled down the cheek,
To crash upon the floor.