Friday, December 24, 2010

Friday December 24, 2010 Christmas Eve

It is morning, Christmas Eve. All is quiet. It snowed last night, and the landscape is transformed, as it should be on Christmas Eve morn. I was up early as usual.

Now in the studio, quiet, and alone. Here I sit on the mesa above town. All looks sleepy, wrapped in a white snowy winter's blanket. Yesterday, a large coyote, in molten fur, walked straight by the windows of the studio, which face north. He seems so large, and so determined, seemed to have an appointment, or other matter of importance. He walked toward the north, and disappeared. It is always a blessing to see wildlife, up close, it is as if this animal, and myself are the only ones on earth.

I feel a little bit as if I am in the Christmas story of Scrooge. All of Christmas past dance through my mind. Old friends and family long gone, are also here. And that for me is what makes Christmas a little sad. I was also thinking, that Christmas never really lived up to expectations in the past. It all seems too much. This year, we decided early, this year would be different. We would make everything smaller, including expectations. It will be interesting to see, how this works out.

Time to remember, time to do something for someone else, time to eat something special, and time to love. I guess that's it.
I'll let you know. And here is hoping you have the best Christmas ever!


Sherry Blue Sky said...

Beautiful, Annell. I so envy you your studio! Wow! Where the magic happens. Do let us know how Christmas works out. Yesterday I had to do some shopping for an elderly shut-in, and the consumption frenzy that was going on really bothered me, like this season is a conspiracy by the multinationals or something! whew, was glad to get home to my peaceful little place and enjoy the pretty Christmas lights. I am happy to hear people reflecting on the season and on doing things for others...........looking forward to your after-Christmas post!

Marilyn said...

Your words are beautiful as is your photo. In a small way I am able to imagine what your world is like unknown to me really, a world of snow, a world where a coyote can walk by ...a world of wonder. Thank you.
May you have a wonderful Christmas, enjoy your day.
To me Christmas is a feeling, it need not be big or small. I experience peace and love, and that is all I need.
Happy Christmas.

C.M. Jackson said...

lovely sentiments and beautiful photo--may your Christmas be as special as the memories of past holidays. Here's to a new year that is filled with wonder--C

m. heart said...

It looks beautiful there, frosted in such a way. That sounds like a very relaxing way to spend Christmas Eve — we've driven almost 400 miles in the past 24 hours to see our families. I'm really feeling the need to simplify things in the years ahead. Luckily there's a big storm coming tomorrow night that I hope will keep me from having to drive to work on Monday!
I hope you had a good holiday!

Anna Mavromatis said...

You described a beautiful moment and made me feel as if I were there behind the window with you, watching the coyote go by...
I wish you many Christmas' meeting and surpassing all expectations!
Stay warm, happy, and creative witnessing many amazing moments and... sharing them with us!