Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday December 3, 2010 Thursday Think Tank Poetry/Theme Thursday

The prompt today is something weird.

Curiosity Shop

Alas, you ask for
Something weird today,
I look through the shop,
Picking up each item,
Nothing weird here,
I pass a mirror.

I am the weirdest in the place,
I stand tall, but not very,
My feet barely touch the peddles,
I walk across the sand,
But leave no foot prints.
I call but there is no answer.

I reach for my coffee cup,
And leave no finger prints to be found,
I am fading.
I can hardly see my own reflection.
I don't take up much space,
And when I am completely gone,
There will only be a tiny imperfection
In the fabric of the universe,
That will mark my going.

Something so near to me,
My companion,
So often you wink, or blink,
And ask me to carry you
To a new destination.

I hold you in my hand,
Often I find you in my pocket,
Lost and lonely,
A precious stone I picked up,
But had forgotten.

You are ancient, old,
The keeper of so much knowledge,
But you are quiet,
Rarely stand up to be recognized,
Make a fuss,
Or embarrass yourself or anyone else.

You rarely win races,
But are content to sit,
By the roadside,
And watch the world go by,
Holding within yourself,
All that is known,
Or ever was.