Friday, December 31, 2010

Friday December 31, 2010 We Write Poems #35 (Not) Poetry

We Write Poems #35(Not) Poetry
Find sentences from published material, write a poem.
* Encore, A Journal of Life, Eightieth Year, May Sarton

She sat in her studio.
The temperature 7 degrees outside,
Warm and cozy inside.
She was there
*She was just there.

She thought about the night before,
And how you poured the dark red wine,
Into favorite glasses
*We had a good talk about everything.
As was usual for the late afternoon,
The studio work complete for the day.

Beau, warm and furry,
Feeling his age,
More visits to the vet.
*Unfortunately the cat has fleas.

There was much to be done,
Getting firewood,
And sealing small leaks,
From the chill of the North Wind.
*Everything seems to be in an
uproar getting things ready for Winter.

Winter, her favorite time of year,
Time to hibernate,
Time to reflect,
And time of life
End of life
This thought
*Shot to my heart.

Time to begin a new year.
One more year.
Time for resolutions.
*There is something
I have never seen before.
No time to waste
It is certainly time to see it.