Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday December 13, 2010/Potluck Poetry

The Madwoman in the Studio
It comes from the soul,
Down deep in the,
Who we are.
It constantly bubbles up,
Like a clear spring.
Always fresh and always new.

It is exciting,
We may have had it for years,
But it doesn't change,
We are changed.
Always fresh and always new.

It is what we want,
It is what we do,
It is who we are.
It constantly bubbles up,
Like a clear spring.

It is as unique as we are ourselves,
Like a finger print,
With it's individual whorls,
It is a precious part of our being,
And should be respected,
Never taken for granted.
Like a tired pack animal,
With it's ability to transport,
Us to another place,
It is the passion,
The magic of our lives.


Prompt: Dead man poem.

1. The Dead Artist and Art
The dead artist lost her way,
Thought art was dead too,
She had seen it all,
Thought art was boring,.
Paintings of people, places and things,
Paint thrown and dibbled,
All the ideas had been done.
Nothing new under the sun.

2. More About The Dead Artist and Art

The dead artist approached her canvas,
And said, "I will recreate this whole thing,"
Try as she might it didn't come out right,
She painted more people, places and things.
Until she opened her heart,
Her work was fraught,
With disappointment,

But once soul was engaged,
Her art was a new page.
And she did recreate the whole thing.


Jingle said...

magic of life is our passion, true,
this entry is mind blowing...
you rock!
Thanks for the delight.


Anonymous said...

Yup, that last line really makes the poem!

hedgewitch said...

Some interesting insights into what goes on in the interior world of those who struggle with expression and connection. I like how you redefined ''dead' in your look at the dead artist.

Anonymous said...

I like how you explained the emotions when we lose our "inspiration"!

signed...bkm said...

the passion that is is what keeps us going, fulfilling our life and taking it to another place...Stay Passionate Annell....bkm

Brian Miller said...

yes indeed, tapping into that passion will drive us mad, but i think in a good way...but what better way to live?

SandyCarlson said...

Your poem about passion speaks to me and comforts me.

Mary said...

Kudos to the mad woman in the studio. She rocks!

jaerose said...

Hi Annell - I have sent you an email but in the event that I copied your details incorrectly here is my email - - I look forward to hearing from you. PS 'It is what we want' was the perfect phrase for me today..Jae

Elizabeth said...

There is always method in the madness and it got the Dead Artist back into her studio. Creativity will clear the path if we but allow it. Really like both of your poems, they do compliment one another,


James said...

I'm glad the dead artist came back to life here. I think we can all lose our way like this, and it's important to remember to keep the heart engaged. Nice work.