Saturday, December 4, 2010

Saturday December 4, 2010 Writer's Island/Quest

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The Quest for the Red Shoes
It is the winter of the year,
Snuggled in their warm,
Bed chambers,
Bears dream of sunny days.
The idea of red shoes
Dance in my head.

So much unknown,
If I put them on --
Will I be able to get them off?
I think not,
And who would want to?

Perhaps the Queen in the
Early version of Snow White,
That was made to dance,
To her death in red-hot-shoes.

The quest to find these perfect
Red shoes, fit like a glove,
That signify the active,
Independent woman,
Who makes her own choices,
And is a sexual creature.

Shoes that make us think of hearts,
Or other "wobbly bits."*
Shiny, sparkly blood, red shoes,
Shoes that offer the chance.

The chance to be,
The chance to dance.
To the rhythm of our own
Heart, shoes of magic,
The quest is to learn to use them.

To find the way home,
No longer a stranger,
In our white undergarments,
Follow the thread,
Slip into the dragon skin,
Put on the red shoes,

This is the vision,
The quest will be ended,
Get off of the pedestal,
Dance the red shoes home.

*From Bridget Jones Diary.


  1. Exciting thoughts here. It reminded me of the Hans Christian Anderson story The Red Shoes, which was made into a gorgeous film in the 1950s, with Moira Shearer.

  2. Lovely poem, Annell .... but aren't those the red dancing shoes I wore to the Willow Ball?

  3. Love the fact that you address the danger to be had in wearing the red shoes. Too many think that simple possession is the end of the quest, when it is really only the beginning. The red shoes will take you where you need to go, not necessarily to the place you only want to be. Really like what you are finding on your quest,


  4. nice...i agree with elizabeth as well...when we put on the metaphorical shoes (b/c i would look funny in those) they will take us places we may never have dreamed and that can be a scary thing...

  5. There is a lot of symbolism in red shoes...and, I think, one has to be willing to wear them. Oh, I do think if one has red shoes one should have red undergarments as well, not white. Why not! As an aside: The only red shoes I have had as an adult have been red jogging shoes. An interesting poem!

  6. Love the -slip into the dragon skin....wonderful line....and we all need to do that...Great Job Annell

  7. you are quite romantic,
    elegant imagery.
    magical words..
    keep dancing!
    Happy Sunday!
    Don't forget to link your poems to potluck tonight.

  8. "Slip into the dragon skin" and "dance the red shoes home". Pretty cool!

  9. shiny, sparkly and inviting color...the quest for red shoes i guess is always a fashion

  10. Red shoes do it for me! LOL :)