Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday December 19, 2010 Carry on Tuesday

Prompt: Dear Santa


Dear Santa
I wanted to write to you early this year,
You see there have been some changes.
Some of the children are not so happy this year,
Their parents are out of work,
And have lost their homes.
Bobby said his family had no where to go,
They really haven't gone far,
If you look behind the store,
They are living in their car.
Christmas will be cold this year!

My best friend Scott,
Said his family has been taken in by the church,
Gave them room and board,
But they have no Christmas tree,
To warm their hearts,
And there is no money in the sugar bowl
For presents and such.
Christmas will be cold this year.

And there a lots of others, that I know.
Whose families have no where to go.
If only you can help them,
They are awfully good boys and girls.
It's not their fault, you see.
I know it will be hard to find them this year,
They are not where they are supposed to be.
Making do, is all they can do.
I'm counting on you to make it right.
Otherwise, Christmas
Will be cold this year!

Love from Me


Ian Foster said...

Thank you for a very poignant poem. I am not usually a great fan of poetry but I read all yours and this one really got to me.

keiths ramblings said...

How could Santa possibly ignore a plea like that? Thanks so much for your support of Carry On Tuesday. I look forward to seeing our badge in your sidebar!!!