Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wednesday December 1, 2010 One Shot Poetry

Photo by Marya on Wikipedia

The mythical trickster
As he is known,
Does what he can,
Lives on the edge,
An outstanding man,

Cares for his family,
Plays tricks to survive,
Listens for her call.
Steals for a living.
And will take your last bite.

He is an upstanding citizen,
Has endured your hate,
His head hangs on
My neighbor's fence post.

Does what he can,
He endures his fate.
Has the skills of a wizard,
An outstanding mate.

Look again,
The coyote you see,
In disguise to distract,
Wrapped in fur,
He does what he can
Under hard circumstance.

Because he is distant,
Lives on the edge,
He's a mystery to man.
A fear in his dreams.
He's an incredible
Human being, who
Doesn't ask much.

Just leave him alone,
He's a myth in man's stories,
A shadow of delight,
An original outsider,
Right beside you,
In the darkness of night.

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The prompt is: From the day we arrive on the planet.

Red Shoes
From the day I
Arrived on the planet,
I have been slipping my feet into,
The mythical red shoes,

Worn by the dancer,
Worn by Dorothy,
Worn by Cinderella,
Glass that cuts,
Blood runs red,
Worn by every woman,
Who wanted to write,
Who wanted to paint.

The real red shoes,
Shoes of art,
Shoes that hurt,
The queens dancing shoes,

Handed down from
Woman to woman,
Finally you overcome your fear,
Put on the shoes,
And you dance.

I have continued to work on the Pagoda/book project. I have added two elements, the antique doll, I call the story teller, and the little screen of Japanese women. I created a false bottom in each box, to hold each little handmade book, I had to tear out the bottom one to make room for the story teller, and the screen.


Eric Alder said...

An outstanding ode to the often-maligned coyote.

hedgewitch said...

Both poems struck me, the coyote with a new respect for an old and wily archetype, and the red shoes more personally--a great deal of truth in that one. Enjoyed them both very much.

Flying Monkey said...

Love the Red Shoes poem. Just bought myself a pair last summer ;-)

Helen said...

Annell, your talent is astounding!
A never-ending well ...

signed...bkm said...

Love the myth of the coyote and the red shoes...our symbols make sense of a mostly senseless world....thank you

dustus said...

Poem about the coyote was my favorite; enjoy the comparisons to myth and to a man living on the edge—very effective means to describe.

Brian Miller said... the additions to your project...and the coyote poem...i like your perspective on him...

Elizabeth said...

I really like the two poems together. First the trickster archetype seeking in a human form, then the real woman wishing for a home with red shoes, which can only be found within herself, and her self-expression. Both, I believe seek the same thing, their distinct and individual souls. When they find that, then they will be ready for relationship.


Shashi said...

Dear Annell

A great picture.. and your last lines were like a stalking fear...
'A shadow of delight,
An original outsider,
Right beside you,
In the darkness of night.'
I loved your work...

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
Twitter: @VerseEveryDay