Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wednesday December 29, 2010 Poetics Assides #116/ One Shot Poetry

Prompt#116 Last Chance


The letter was filled with disappointment.
Discouragement was encouraged,
Someone said, it is your last chance.
It's happened before,
But knowing it was the last chance,
The dead artist sat down for a good cry.

The snow falls lightly,
The last chance,
Someone said as much,

Wait a minute...

Why is this chance,
That slipped out of sight,
Disappeared in the night,
Out of my grasp,
The one and only,
Last chance

Wait a minute...

No, not yet,
Not done,
Work not complete,
Still alive,
On fire,
Hard at work,
Cracking on all cylinders.

Wait a minute...

I won't be discarded,
I won't be folded up,
Put away in the dark,
Don't close the drawer,
Don't shut the door,
I will not accept,
This chance,
As the last chance!


Kerry O'Connor said...

Your blog is a beautiful collection of visual images to stimulate the imagination.

dustus said...
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dustus said...

"I will not accept,
This chance,
As the last chance!"

Found your poem to be very inspiring and motivational. Cheers

Claudia said...

wow annell - this was beautiful!! i like the fighting spirit in this and the way you describe to get there..beautiful words and imagery - enjoyed it!

Kerry O'Connor said...

Thanks for your comment on Gossamer Girls, Annell. I haven't written about red shoes though :)

Elizabeth said...

Annell, I like this one, a lot. As long as we breathe, keep our work alive, the chances are always there around us, no matter what anyone else might say.There was that woman who painted when she was 101 years old. Her work was inspiring, not because she was so skilled, but because she cared enough to continue doing it. That's what your poem makes me think of. There will always be nay-sayers. They are a dime a dozen, but the Artist, inside her Art, is always one of a kind.



Monkey Man said...

I feel like this is my last chance to leave a comment....why is that? Great One Shot, Annell.

marousia said...

Strong writing - I enjoyed your theme - thank you for sharing :)

Gwen Buchanan said...

oh I love this .... when at first seeing the studio photograph I was going to comment on how fresh and relaxing and open to create it was.... and that I would surely love working there.. and then I read your poem ... I love this too... exactly.

Marilyn said...

Excellent words ...don't accept this chance as a last chance, so much is possible.
I love your photo - what an awesome workspace and view!

Brian Miller said...

its only the last chance before the next make it work but then again you make the next even better...only the last chance if you quit and i dont see that...

Reflections said...

Love the spirit here, the fight to continue on to another piece of art... each a new opportunity, a new chance.

Ian Foster said...

Thank you for this Annell, I find this very apposite to my situation as I am well in my 70s and planning my first exhibition.

jaerose said...

Sitting down for a 'good cry' often helps you to get back on your feet ready to fight the good fight once more..a fine armoury of words to keep us going.. Jae

Betcha said...

Happy New Year
I enjoy reading your posts ,its like each word is felt within ,very amazing feeling

Tess Kincaid said...

Thanks for the inspiration, Annell!

hedgewitch said...

Looks like you gave the dead man a little more life here. I like your creative approach to the form, and the poem itself is a great pleasure to read. It has a very "New Year" feel.

ms pie said...

something abt dead men don't talk.... nah, don't believe it... a most enjoyable consideration that death is not final....

Steve Isaak said...

Interesting - in a good way - work. Solid, memorable.