Thursday, August 21, 2014

August 21, 2014 Writer's Digest/Broken Hearts--dVerse/The Pattern of You
Broken Hearts
Since your death
I have found my world
Has grown smaller
Closer to the heart
I touch the tiny blue egg
I wear around my neck
That holds a lock of your hair
I think of you
Of other days
When you were small
I open my arms
You come to me
I remember that night
You were moved to that hospital
She was showing me around
Near the elevators
Were chairs
She said, we keep the doors locked
The homeless used to come
To sit in the chairs
The winters are cold
I told her not long ago
You were homeless
I take my temperature
Yes I still miss you
I pray for the Mother’s
Whose Sons have died
Micheal’s Mother
And the journalist’s Mother
The Mother of the boy
Who stole two energy drinks
Pieces of broken hearts
Litter the streets


The Pattern of You
I pull a thread
I am led to your pattern
Your smile each time we meet
Your kindness wrapped in a scarf
Folded carefully
You listen as attentively
As a deer in the forest
You tilt your head to the side
Absorb everything
You know when it is safe
Your words are wise
Otherwise you have nothing to say
You offer your friendship
Without question
Your pattern is repeated
Often through the years
Your pattern is unique to you

August 21, 2014


  1. Oh yes, "pieces of broken hearts litter the streets" - a perfect capture of what we are seeing on the news. I love the small blue egg that holds a lock of his hair. I love that you remembered those other mothers, also with broken hearts. This is beautiful, Annell.

  2. Two sad poems.. and after your interview I understand you even more.. the first deeply touching, and indeed many mothers have to live deeply in sorrow.. the other -- (coming here from dVerse) .. makes me think of how the pattern of someone - that special person -- leaves a special pattern (like a songline) to follow.. wonderful words

  3. Such heartache in each word - the small egg around your neck, the homeless coming in from the cold, each mothers' grief your own.
    And the patterns of loving friendship, delicate and strong.
    Beautiful - K

  4. Both poems of heartache and loss. Both beautifully penned. Both made me feel empty and aching. There are many ways to lose and each seems to shatter us. Excellent.

  5. nice...i like the second is good to have those in life that will listen and when they speak it is with intention...we need need that right now...and i imagine you will continue to pull those threats for some time to come...

  6. I was prepared for the first from your interview. I loved how you showed the larger pattern, a knowledge of loss. And the second poem! Ingenious! Don't we return here and other blogs again and again as if to good friends, good medicine? Oh, yes, and those closest too. It just struck me that you could be speaking to dVerse or to Sherry!

  7. You are able to evoke such an emotional response in both of these, Annell. I can't begin to imagine the pain of losing a child. I've witnessed it too often (as a hospice nurse) but it is still beyond my reach. You give me a sense of it, though.

  8. Two very nice poems--the first has such a quiet sadness, very moving. Both pieces are excellent!

  9. Pieces of broken hearts
    Litter the streets

    I pray God sends other parents who have suffered your pain to your poems. They would have to speak a common comfort. Bless you.

  10. "Pieces of broken hearts / Litter the streets"..time is so cruel or the Nations?...we love to go back to that pattern that has soothed our soul, gave us a comfortable feel and created a connection forever....

  11. The space of loss is vast here, very touching.

  12. both of these echo, resonate, illuminate a hollow space ~

  13. Both are quite moving Annell. Beautiful work.

  14. Your first poem takes my breath away. The personal loss....It breaks my heart.

  15. Beautifully poignant...lovely to see you at Magpie Tales, Annell...

  16. Beautifully penned ...heartbreaking

  17. As you pray for mothers everywhere, so I pray for you: May there be slivers of joy in your sorrow, gashes of delight in your grief. (You have written a compellingly powerful poem, Annell.)

    An Ernest Whirl

  18. There are connections and patterns that bind us together even in the bleakest of moments I sense that here...

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