Monday, August 25, 2014

August 25, 2014 The Sunday Whirl/The Big Jump

stutter, cliff, rickety, bones, cart, absence
rift, flight, longing, sustain, baffles, language

The Big Jump
Walking steadily backwards
The edge of the cliff was a surprise
To say the least
Suddenly I took flight without intention
Something I could not sustain
My rickety bones hit bottom
In an array of salty language

They call it the Rio Grand Gorge
Home to the folks who live in Taos
A great big old crack in the ground
The very sight of it makes one begin to stutter
And a longing manifests itself
For those who wish to leave this planet
And are baffled about how

One thing about the Gorge
Is that it is a sure thing
When so much else isn’t

...a cart is necessary to collect the remains

August 23, 2014

Note:  Forgive me for being irreverent for it is tragic for so many left behind, but many people who no longer like it here, jump from the edge of the Gorge, one thing for sure if you jump, there is no changing your mind.  I try to respect those who choose the Gorge, who is to say, who should go and who should stay?  The local town folks are pondering some safety measures to keep people from jumping.

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Brian Miller said...

god, i can not imagine the leap...honestly...falling to my death is low on my list of ways i want to go...that they keep a cart to take away the remains is shiver worthy itself