Sunday, August 31, 2014

August 31, 2014 The Sunday Whrl/What is Really Important

What is Really Important
I thought it was about time
Decades of time
Now I think not...
I listen
The silence pierces
Like the very moment
The music stops

The slate is blank
Covered with erasure dust
What are the concerns
The state is poor
Children are hungry
Behind in education
It is time for a change
Even the seasons know

Summer becomes autumn
Migrations have begun
Most birds have gone south
Except for the ones that stay here
In community all year
Many children
Follow the dangerous path north

I did not design this world
No one asked me
That is good for I don’t have all the answers
I only hope someone who does will serve
Someone who cares for more than just
Filling their pockets with shiny gold
Someone who cares more
About need than greed

August 31, 2014


Butterflies Fly Free
I am reminded how the butterflies
Rose and flew free from your fingertips
Your gentleness and your kindness
Filled the room where the lights were low
Outside that room the sun shone bright

Honeysuckle bloomed everywhere
The smell was in the air
Reminding one of the day
The hour
The season
Try to hold on
Take each day slow
Stop the clock

Still time flew
It is over
You are gone
The world will not be the same
My life is changed
I stumble through the season

Still I look for you
And wonder at my purpose
Why must I continue alone
Knowing you have gone
With the butterflies
Fly free
No longer trapped in the cage
That held you bound
Sparkle with the fireflies
In the evening light
Ripped a hole in the universe
As big as the cloudless
Clear blue sky

You are not the echo
That thrown out returns
Instead the shooting star
Flying far into the heavens
Flying free

August 31, 2014



Sherry Blue Sky said...

Oh, Annell, that second poem is absolutely incredible. Like the butterfly, the shooting star, it soars. Glorious imagery. I love "not the echo that returns....instead the shooting star." Wow! One of your very best.

Brian Miller said...

that is what we can hope...that the person that serves has the best at heart....i like the humility in knowing you do not have all the answers...i dont either...but we do have to try...we have to change...or we can not expect something different...

Jae Rose said...

I love the butterflies and the stars and the wonder ..flying through our heaven...beautiful (is that Ward?)...I like that lightness prevails over the weight the world can force down on us

Anonymous said...

I agree with your thoughts in What is Really Important. The contrast with Butterflies Fly Free is sharp. There is hope in both.

oldegg said...

Love is a hard taskmaster and both beautiful poems have that sad reflection of life, love and the changing of seasons and accepting what can't be changed.

humbird said...

I like your thought in first poem about designing this world, we can't control it, but we can influence, bring the warmth, love, our hearts and shine to the stars.... ~ Sparkling, spacious second poem with butterflies and stars flying far to show the way for our hearts as if saying...not distance for love :)xx

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

I think the speaker in the first poem is right: Time is not as important as we often think it is. Something will happen in each of our lives to drive that message home at last. Usually it is an unwelcome something.