Monday, August 4, 2014

August 4, 2014 Imagernary Gardens with Real Toads/ Monday Morning/Poetry Pantry #212

Monday Morning
Is a long list of chores
The beginning of the week
And yet I sit at the computer
Playing with words
Words that give form to thought
Words that make me laugh
Words that state questions
Words that express how I feel
Words to make the list
Words to cover the white page
Words that say I love you

Though I usually make a line
Create a form
I probably couldn’t get along
Without words
I use words to tell you the color
Your mind fills with that color
And every experience of that color
Words to talk about memory
Words to talk about you
And when you were small
And how you grew
And what you were to me

No I wouldn’t want to get along
Without words
Each one important
State the fact
Add color
Tell who what or when
Just what is needed
To write you a letter
Or to write a book
We travel together
With words

August 4, 2014


  1. a poet's first love is word isn't it?...words give us joy even sorrow and also shelter.. beautifully done...

  2. The pleasure of words that connect and paint life tapestry. I love the way this sings its praise.

  3. Beautiful words.The ending is wonderful.

  4. "words to talk about memory." Simply delicious!

  5. We share that love of words.. their meaning, their sound.. and how they can be chained into necklaces of meaning.

  6. "We travel together with words"....and those we love still live, within the lines. Loved this, Annell.

  7. ( Silence,as I listen to the sound of your words) Wonderful affirmation to Love.

  8. the words are often what connects us...that we can share...and while they have a cost, they are free to pass use to another...

  9. I spread em generously like butter on bagel!

  10. Your autobiographical piece could easily be my biography!!!!! Love seeing your work and reading your words, Annell.!!

  11. yes, indeed, we do travel. i've been so many places with my books.

    wonderful write.

    stacy lynn mar

  12. And for some of us, words are all we have! :)

  13. that second paragraph just grabs me!