Wednesday, November 19, 2014

November 19, 2014 Writers Digest 2014 November PAD Challenge/ Excuses


hate them                  hate to hear them

the dog ate my homework               I forgot

there is really            no excuse                                          

an excuse simply says                      it just wasn’t that important

someone                     should come up with something new

i was kidnapped                    held against my will

the world came to an                                    end

something clever                   that would excuse your lazy
                                                            solevenly ways
                                                                                    ...and mine

November 19, 2014            


  1. My, my what a talented lady you are. Poet with touches of Bridget Riley. I am envious. PS. Thanks for popping into the spoken word team site. :)

  2. PS. Have you read Barry Hill's excellent book of poetry, 'Naked Clay'? A triumph of poetry where the poet examines and writes about the work of Lucian Freud. You can see it on Shearsman Books site..

  3. Wow! A zinger of a poem!!!! Love the being held captive, that excuse MIGHT fly, plus you could add a few weeks on for trauma counselling. LOL. Loved this.