Sunday, November 23, 2014

November 25, 2014 The Sunday Whirl/The Moments of Our Lives --Writers Digest/ A New Direction/Release/I Am Not Alone


life is made of moments                   passing so quickly 
even before we realize they have arrived

often the precious moments                                    are neglected

left lonely                   miserable                   a stain upon the breast

this doesn’t happen by resolute decision              but rather a careless spill

sometimes in darkness                     all is forgotten           except the present
                                                                                                            where we reside

like the children                    the moments grow old
follow their own paths

yesterday so quickly forgotten                    for new thrills

the snow falls gently                                                 the day cloudy                                  

black birds occupy bare branches                          where they pirouette & flutter

so quickly only a memory

November 23, 2014 


for long i have traveled                    without compass       map    or instructions

picking a direction                                        each day

does the past give a clue                  to each day’s new direction

is it in the bird’s song                                   the one at the feeder

does the direction of the wind        that moves the wind chime             hold a clue

where is one to get the answer

perhaps travel along the river                    listen to her whisper as she lies in her bed

...or follow some dusty trail long forgotten            

...or watch a dust devil as he tears across the mesa

perhaps one can get along without a compass      map                or instructions

November 21, 2014



release from all outside expectations                     requests                     obligations

it is freedom in a way                       release from imprisonment

live as you wish                                 please yourself

we all want to get there                   after all

become the adult in one’s own life             but even then expectations may be high

November 22, 2014


 I AM NOT ALONE                 

the snow gently falls

to kiss the earth                    visibility low

my compass broken             
or lost

the morning began with heavy clouds
like rolls of cotton on a blue horizon

take a sounding
locate the center       the core

                        the world
picture perfect                      a collage of memories

as a child                    living on the gulf coast
i dreamed of a white christmas

which was never to be                     in my childhood home
now it is possible                               in high mountain desert     
& sometimes happens

but I am a child no more
santa doesn’t come to my house                 i don’t expect him

                        holidays          i am more aware of loss
than gain

it has been many years
since I have embraced the traditions of my childhood
too busy with work

                        i have toyed with the idea of  decorating a tree this year
would it bring back something lost             something missing

is it worth the effort            
to try to reclaim something of the past                  in a new world

the traditions i have carved out for myself are different now
i have accepted the ways
of those who first claimed this land 

                        is it time to reweave the holes in the fabric of my own life
offer myself a toast to what is left               love the life i have

                        become the new me                         who has been waiting
usher in the new year                      count my blessings
decorate that tree                 light the candles
sing carols                                          give thanks for you

November 23, 2014





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