Tuesday, November 25, 2014

November 25, 2014 Writer's Digest 2014 PAD November Challenge/ A Love Poem

A Love Poem

where to begin                      where to start                       

is there a beginning to love             or is love like life                  
& always is                
& always will be

if i made a list

i might start with the one i love                  the soul mate

the members of my tribe                             family             friends

pets                                         past & present

the sky                        the sun & clouds                   the nighttime sky
                                                                                                moon & stars

the earth  & all that it is                               mesas & mountains
trees & plants
creatures & insects              
 wind & rain

i am in love with everything                                    i see before me
all that i know
            all that I remember

November 25, 2014

1 comment:

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Such a beautiful poem of love, my friend, for the All That Is.....one's heart just overflows with all there is to love in this beautiful world. One of my faves of yours......I love how the mesa and mountains always find their way into your poems, the landscape of your home.