Thursday, November 6, 2014

November 6, 2014 Writers Digest PAD Challenge/I am Happy Now

I am Happy Now

what is happiness after all                           i am not hungry

i have a bed to sleep in                                share my life  with someone i love

                                                                                    ...and loves me

i have challenging work                               that is important to me

a few people i call                              friends

when i look out across the mesa                             moody dark blue mountains

circle the valley                                             ancient old companions

symbols of peace
incredible clear         blue                                        new mexico sky

filled with cloud abstractions                                  360 degrees

takes my breath                    away

a more enchanted place                               i do not know

if i keep watch                                               coyote lopes through my yard

hawk eagle or crow                                                   fills the air with acrobatics

finch jay flicker                      come to the feeder

my life is full                                      i am happy now

November 6, 2014


Sherry Blue Sky said...

I adore this poem, Annell. Yes, there is much to be happy about and grateful for, with the mesa, the blue hills, the coyote loping past, the hawks..........this is a poem full of blessings. Loved it. I know someone who is smiling as he reads these words.

oldegg said...

The words of the poem were excellent and are a reminder to all of us of the wonderful world all around us. However I must confess I was not happy about the form as that gave my poor brain extra work to do!