Sunday, January 18, 2015

January 18, 2015 poets United/Missed Opportunity

Missed Opportunity

standing alone                          snow still on the ground        the sun shining

shadows from bare trees           sliding down adobe walls     bleeding onto the sidewalk

the polish and shine                  promise... something            you were there

your hand grasped mine            hard but hollow                    on the wall

hollow too                                 you speak of parties              that is all

you show no interest                  in me                                     or mine

it all feels hollow                       after my effort                       i lay before you

something precious                    true                                        my best

you disappear                             i feel hollow                          your retreating footsteps


the sound of the shining sun     the pointless afternoon         that is all there is

no meeting of minds                   why should i be surprised    always hoping for more

more than meets the eye             that you will be more           another missed opportunity

January 17, 2015


  1. life is full of missed opportunities...and people that will disappoint we disappoint them...i think it is all too human to believe in others so fast...only to be burned...

  2. Yes, it does all feel hollow...

  3. There is always sadness in looking back at those missed opportunities, but one can always hope that fate will change. But meanwhile, I do understand the hollow feeling, Annell.

  4. Life is full of missed opportunities but also with opportunists we never should have taken,

  5. Oh this is so sad and beautiful, Annell. As humans are so - human - disappointment is inevitably part of the picture, sadly. I hope for better days ahead.

  6. Who missed the opportunity? If only the speaker could get angry and stop writing the romance stories. Perhaps an opportunity is missed to commune with the trees.

  7. At first I found the form confusing, but when I relaxed and just let the words read, I adored this piece. So much shared in this telling of relationship.

  8. I think empty meetings with people can be worse than isolation..they make us feel more lonely perhaps...besides it was their loss ;)

  9. So sad for a meeting to be hollow like that, when more could have been. Great poem it really calls up emotions.