Sunday, February 21, 2016

February 21, 2016 Sunday's Whirligig #47 --A Tattered and Torn Envelope / The Sunday Whirl Wordle #239--The Gift Given / Poets United, Poetry Pantry

Sunday's Whirligig #47
broken, chasing, sheared, remains, missing, pilgrim, basket, jagged, sorrow, keep, swims, wise

A Tattered and Torn Envelope

chasing sheared remains      what is missing                   yes, i was a pilgrim in a basket

tripping over jagged rocks    i have known sorrow         know it now

and regret                             would-a                               could-a

should-a                                swims over and over          in my mind

but the past                           lies only in memory            the threads that once held

are broken now                     rage and yearning               will change nothing

i keep it all to myself            in my breast pocket             near my heart

wise words in a tattered        and torn envelope                yellowing with age

February 21, 2016

The Sunday Whirl Wordle #239 Start, attack, volume, still, truth, free, two, crispy, phrase, sun, rage, yearning

The Gift Given

someone said it started long ago     perhaps in the beginning      but where is the 

where to place the finger             find the truth                             is it the volume at 
                                                                                                                the bottom

with the crispy pages                  yellowed over time                    free of babble

just a word or two                       a phrase written from the sun     you face it with rage

you trace the words                    with your fingers                         still the meaning eludes

you start again                             something about the dna            you were born with

the gift given                               the attack was unexpected          as are most things in life

and if hard                                   and unpleasant                            it is life you are living

February 22, 2016


  1. Such beautiful and deep poems today....these words were most poignant to me...

    'i keep it all to myself
    in my breast pocket
    near my heart
    wise words in a tattered
    and torn envelope
    yellowing with age'

    tears welling up as I read these words again....

  2. I especially resonate with your first poem, a pilgrim in a basket, tripping over sorrow, with all the could a the second I like the line a phrase from the sun, and yes, even when unpleasant, it is life we are living....always a gift.

  3. I really like both of them. The first one for the soft sorrow hidden in a pocket, a secret held close. The second for its clear vision and wisdom,


  4. love them both... so much in those words, so rarely we get those letter nowadays... it's for sure a treasure.

  5. It is good to keep those wide words- whether they are in tattered form or not. Sometimes it is good to reread.... Wise words really do NOT age.

  6. When reading the first poem I thought about all those children tortured by a life of refugee status. Both poems are profound.

    Much love...

  7. "i was a pilgrim in a basket
    tripping over jagged rocks"

    "i keep it all to myself
    in my breast pocket"


    Both pieces.

  8. You too amazed me. I loved how you incorporated the words you listed into your poetry that followed. Neat work. Woo-hoo!

  9. Sadness and loss are great prompts for our writing. It is way of showing our enduring grief.

  10. "rage and yearning will change nothing" and " it is life you are living"....could relate to the lines from the two poems..excellent write...

  11. The sun seems to be the constant string weaving through these pieces..yellowing the paper..hopefully creating warmth in the words and objects left can be hard...perhaps that is one proof that we are living it..and feeling it xo

  12. In spite of all our pondering we can't respond to 'if we live or not'.Nicely worded.

  13. past...I keep ' in my breast pocket ' ~ so much resonates..