Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Seeking the Extraordinary in the Land of Enchantment -- Poets United/Mid-week Motif


yes this is the job of the artist                be he composer, dancer           visual artist, writer

the writer has but words                       but which words                      will express the ordinary

in an extraordinary way            raise the hair on the back of your neck/take your breath away

or which words cobbled together         will tell about the ordinary       in an extraordinary way

on the one hand                                   we are each ordinary                nothing special

or… on the other                                 no one is ordinary                    each extraordinary

we see in a unique way                         feel in a unique way                 everything experienced

is unique to us                                      extraordinary really                  to find the extraordinary

is our job                                             we take a walk                         and suddenly

we smell the sweet scent of sage           filling the air                            we had not noticed before

see the light glisten off adobe walls       see colorful shadows                underfoot

in the field                                           see the prairie dog                    standing up on his hind legs

watching us go by                     looking closely/he waves to you               further down the road

see the water in the acequia      the old valley irrigation system             sparkling as it goes

if we listen/hear its song          the words softly sung in spanish           nature’s tune

strangely like the strum of the guitar     only in new mexico                  we see the big blue sky

an extraordinary color              seen nowhere else                          the falcon flies high and higher

circling                                     suddenly diving for its prey                  magically as stealthy as a ninja

the coyote appears                    just as quickly disappears                     nothing ordinary here

all is quiet extraordinary           we are asked to slow down                   smell the roses

chilies roasting in the fall          in the land of enchantment                   all is extraordinary

June 14, 2017 


Pamela Ken Drummond Chuck Robbins said...


Sherry Blue Sky said...

And as you described it, I saw, smelled and felt every line. So beautiful. I know the desert holds a magic equal to the ocean for its dwellers.

Rob Jackson said...

Many thoughts to take in. Thanks.

Blogoratti said...

All is extraordinary in an ordinary world. We seek, we visualize, and conform to standards. I enjoyed this piece, warm greetings to you.

Sumana Roy said...

Truly, this is the land of enchantment. We always need to open out our extraordinary sense organs gifted to us by Nature to enjoy every bit of it. Beautiful Annell.

Old Egg said...

An artist's eyes will see beauty everywhere even rats looking out a sewer! This is a gift that poet, painter, sculptor has in creating art and showing everyone how beautiful our world is.

Thotpurge said...

Ok now I want to take this walk with you... just charming...

Jae Rose said...

I hope we all have a touch of extraordinary within us

Mary said...

What a gift an artist possesses who can show the ordinary in an extraordinary way and, therefore, help others to see it in that way too. And yes - so true that each of us 'ordinary' human beings is 'extraordinary' and we should not EVER take that for granted. Your poem expresses many 'extraordinary' observations, Annell! Thank you.

Khaya Ronkainen said...

All is extraordinary in the land of enchantment - I love that! Beautiful write.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree, all is extraordinary if we but open our eyes and see,


Sanaa Rizvi said...

Oh yes if only we open our eyes and take heed! Beautifully penned.