Wednesday, June 28, 2017



…and i will call to you             when the shooting stops           call your name

will you be one to remain         one who is left                         or will i find your body

lying dead upon the field          your eyes no longer see           your ears no longer hear

still, the little boy you were       a mother can see it no other way          tears form

roll down the cheek                 through the veil                        threw one more cast

you step into the icy water        excited about the prospect       a fish on your line

fish for dinner                          this day perfect                        without knowing

this day would pass                 would not return again             there would be other days

but none as perfect                   i breathe deep                          sweet scent of honeysuckle

memories flood back               the fighting over                       i see you whole and well again

war accomplishes nothing        you send a “tweet”                   make threats

each time                                 sons will die                             and sons of sons

will die                                     bodies lying on the field           threats uttered carelessly

June 28, 2017

“War does not determine who is right – only who is left” — Bertrand Russell


Blogoratti said...

War leaves more devastation than anything else really. Peace, understanding and hope, is the only way to overcome all forms of war and fear. Very solemn piece, and a great reminder. Thank you.

Gillena Cox said...

No one win, a war, it ceases

much love...

Anonymous said...

I agree with the Russell quote, but would take it one step further, "And those who are left must now shoulder the burden of remembering." That is what your poem speaks to me of,


Susan said...

Wow! This sings a low and loving lament! War asks too much, it takes too much. I love the flash back to the fishing, to the honeysuckle, both still embedded in loss and inevitability.

Marja said...

very emotive, very poignant. The loss and suffering is described so distinctly that it makes you feel the pain the war causes. Well done

Sherry Blue Sky said...

This is the heart of the subject - those boys, fresh-cheeked young men barely out of their teens - who are sent into the nightmare theatres of the kind of war no one can prepare them for. I see that young boy on the beach - imagine him in war - it is unfathomable that this is still continuing.

Myrna R. said...

You'd think that the deaths of our boys (and girls) would serve to deter wars. Instead, we continue to make threats, to prove...what?

Sumana Roy said...

'War accomplishes nothing' this simple truth they will choose to ignore unfortunately and indulge in dark 'tweet' while the boys as cannon fodder lie in the field with frozen dream of one sunlight day. Annell this poem is visceral.

Jae Rose said...

A sad but wonderfully honest poem

indybev said...

A poignant write ... and the fields of white crosses grow as men in power continue to rattle their sabers. So sad.

Sara McNulty said...

Honesty runs through this poem, Annell. I was taken by the quote as well.

annell said...

Sara I've tried to find your write? Without luck. Help!!!

Sok Sareth said...

Very nice haibun and nice poem at the end. And being in the dry desert of the Southwest....lovely. "cool days and cooler nights". I love the desert and your words bring it close.