Sunday, December 10, 2017

The Sunday Whirl/In the Beginning, I Wrote Your Name on the Sidewalk -- Poets United Poets Pantry

In the Beginning, I Wrote Your Name on the Sidewalk

it was a chance meeting          in the beginning                                     there were no promises

no special celebrations             no rituals                            instead we celebrated each moment

i spoke first                              feelings were deep                                we set sail

destination unknown                we left the door open                           just in case

it’s been a good run                  and after 20 years                                 destination still unknown

we are not puppets                   on strings                                             but real live humans

we take a seat at the bar            touch our glasses                                  we offer a salute

we navigate by the stars            falling stars are best                              the moments become days

and days become months         then years                                             one by one

we collect them                        in a mason jar                          paste them into scrapbooks

circle numbers on the calendar             with chalk                    i write your name on the sidewalk 

December 10, 2017                                                      

Thursday, December 7, 2017

dVerse/ Old Injuries Cut Deep

Old Injuries Cut Deep

The gorge                    a historic landmark                 in taos valley

cuts peacefully across the valley        you stand on the bridge          amazed at the depth of the

though the exact depth in feet           is unknown to me                  from the bridge

the rio grand appears as a small ribbon        winding its way through the gorge

you would never suspect what happened      in this lonely valley     or that you stand on
                                                                                                            the edge of danger

it all happened            many millions of years ago                            the plates slipped      

the desert winds         blow through the canyon                    with an eerie high pitched scream 
like the sound of a banshee               such old disturbances             lie sleeping

waiting until the time is right            everyone going about their business      no one paying
                                                                         attention to what is happening underground

unexpectedly there is an eruption      shouting in the streets           the magma has risen to the

burst free        cloud of ash still hangs over the valley         the latest event happened

just a few years ago               caught everyone by surprise               sides were drawn

life goes on                             but it is not the same                         old injuries cut deep

December 7, 2017                             


Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Poets United Midweek Motif/(Vanity/Narcissism)

A Stranger Stares Back At Me

the tip of my pen        scratches the surface             the surface which reflects my image

i have changed over the years            this should not come as a surprise    as everything changes

i no longer recognize myself              no longer young          who is this grey-haired person

gravity is having its way with me      everything is pointing south   still when you reach for me

in the magic of the moment              we are young again    wrinkles don’t seem to matter

i run my fingers across your back       smooth as satin                      we are slightly bend

only our speech is straight                 appearance                             what is it for

i recognize you in the crowd              you know me                          we are not lost to each other

December 6th, 2017