Saturday, October 18, 2014

October 19, 2014 The Sunday Whirl/I May be Crazy but It Keeps Me From Going Insane

I May be Crazy but It Keeps Me From Going Insane

a seer                   and                            a seeker                                          I am

 find my way                                                    a path between the sage

shrinking from                                                                        reaching fingers

follow footsteps                                     in the                                          hot sand

the sun shines daily                                      exception                               rain

childhood in the shadow                                     knows no                                laughter

hidden                                                                                      in full light of day

adults remain                         prisoners to secret                                                

 deeds of others                                   

a knot               tied                 bound                                   martyr/ victim/ predator

the human spirit                    made of steel                       hard as a diamonds

through adversity                                           grows                or goes               


October 18, 2014

Note:  Title, from Waylon Jennings’ song. 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

October 16, 2014 Poets United/ Trees -- Imaginary Gardens with Real Toads/ Zombies


yo ho he yo!                                                   sailing the vasty deep          

                                      i live in a sea                        of sage

low to the ground                trees               

when looking out                  surveying the scene

one could imagine                 what is seen               is a deep green sea

yo ho he yo!

few trees                                on the mesa            that stand above the sage

the wind blows                                                          every afternoon

it blows                                   through the sage
one of the few plants                                               that thrive in the desert

yo ho he yo!

perfect trees                           for the tiny people               of Lilliput

Note:  ‘The vasty deep,’ Shakespeare.


so little to be              said...

zombies are                                       unknown to me

i’ve never seen          one                  hope i never do

don’t even like                     pretend

don’t see movies                   about zombies

i don’t like to be                    frightened

life is scary                             enough                       pot holes and booby traps
lay in wait     
for the unaware

i like to think I walk              a sunny path             even though I know
                                                                                                it isn’t true

instead a roller coaster                     i ride               sometimes up
                                                                                                often down

i remain                                  on guard

October 16, 2014


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

October 14, 2014 Magpie Tales/ The Blue Jay

The Blue Jay

the mirror reflected the                                                     scene

all was quiet in the                                                               in the studio

suddenly                                a loud crash

i went to the window                                                there you lay

dressed                                              in blue

of                                             the jay family

i could see                                          you breath                 the beat of your heart

kick your legs                                                 move your tail

you were joined by               two                               companions

perched on the back of the chair                                        they talked to you

pleaded for you to get up                                                    then dropped down beside you 
walked around you with concern    still pleading

get up get up

i grabbed a towel 

                                                                                    i cushioned you there

placed you out of the sun
i couldn’t help but watch                                                     hopeful you would be ok

at last you hobbled away                                         left the courtyard

now you have                                                                        gone away

the courtyard                                     is empty….

i wonder                                 did you live through the night        or where the injuries too great                                                      

wild things                             have few choices                                                                   get better or


October 14, 2014