Sunday, July 22, 2018

CALLIGRAPHY/the sunday whirl - poets united poets pantry


Dark ink against 
White paper
Lines and squiggles
Your name in red

A tinge of age
Along the paper’s edge
The cup slips 
Cracks appear

What was once whole
Is now broken
I read that you had gone away 
For good
It happened years ago

I cry when I think of you
There was always 
Space between us
A far away distance

I tap the nib
Against the lip of the ink well
We were not bound
No straps to hold us
Just good friends
The story written in calligraphy

Saturday, July 21, 2018

MY DREAMS/imaginary gardens with real toads dreams


My dreams 
Relive my days
In constant repetition
I awake exhausted 
The job incomplete

You appeared there once
In my dream of dreams
You would not look at me
Averted your eyes
Looked away
Far into the unknown

The pantry empty
The crops are all dead
The wind took the soil
Dust storms raged

Suddenly the rain began
Huge drops fell
Like bombs exploding
The dry creek bed filled

The great flood came again
You built a boat
And then a pyramid

Each rock you lifted
And carried many miles
You drew a heart in the sand
You sailed away

July 21, 2018

Friday, July 20, 2018

HOW TO MEASURE THE DISTANCE/imaginary gardens with real toads


To breathe is not a choice
It is a necessity of life
When I am truly open
My breath
Includes what I see

Again a necessity of life
The sunrise in the morning
To the closing in 
Of darkness at night
Even then dreams

Open a whole new world
Based on the twinkle of stars
The glow of the moon
I wring my hands
I am in anguish

I think of you
Consider the distance
Between us
Since the distance is incalculable
I will need something
Very special for this measurement

July 20, 2018

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

EDUCATION OF THE YOUNG/imaginary gardens with real toads


Education is a powerful weapon
Where to start
You open your eyes
I whisper to you
I show you all 
The world has to offer

The bird that sings
His song for you
The sun rising in the morning
I introduce you to the world

We walk 
We talk 
I cherish your every day
Soon enough you will learn 
To read
You will learn all the names
Of the ten thousand things 

You will learn the language
Of the wild things
In the late afternoon
You will learn all
About sunsets

And you will learn
All the names of the stars
Which come out at night
You will talk with the moon

Your days will be filled
With learning
It will be your weapon
You will use to change the world

July 18 2018
“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – University of the Witwatersrand South Africa, 2003



Vice and virtue
Have their appeal
I see myself
I alone can judge
And I judge others
By my standards

As you can see
My feet 
Are dainty
My legs

A perfect woman
To be sure
My Breasts
Peek out
From my beautiful dress

My face perfect
My hair the same
Of course, I am the one
To judge others
Who could do it better

I have no vices
I don’t drink or smoke
I am the one
My sole purpose
Is to judge others

July 18, 2018

USA THE GREAT/poets united midweek motif - great


In school
We learned
The United States
Was great

But so many things
We were not told
No one spoke of
The treatment
Of the native people

No one spoke of
Of political leaders
No one spoke
Of the treatment
Of people of color

No one spoke
Of the treatment
Of Mexican people
Of women
Of children
Of animals
Was it all kept
In a dark closet

Only communicated
In whispers
So we could
Pat our chests
And talk about
How great we are

If we were ever great
Today it is hard to find

July 18, 2018

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

WE HUNG THE SHOW IN NO TIME FLAT/imaginary gardens with real toads


The morning quiet
The whir of the fan
Is the only sound
As far as I can see

Perhaps a little song
To celebrate
The last months
The work completed

In no time
With tools in hand
And measuring tape
The preparations are complete

July 17, 2018