Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Day in Santa Fe 6-14-2010

Yesterday we went to Santa Fe and met friends for lunch. A small cafe Mucho Gusto, must I say Mexican food? And then we were off to see what was going on in Santa Fe. I don't really like this, that is to write about visual art work, but I don't have pics, but I will post where you can see.

Our first stop was on Canyon Road, Winterowd Fine Art (www.fineartsantafe.com). The gallery was featuring Sarah Bienvenu's work. She has been painting the landscape in New Mexico for 30 years and it seems I have liked her work for about that long. Her work is not what one might think of as a common landscape, but rather is made up of compositions of symbols inspired by the landscape. Her personal use of color is delightful and over all the show was actively alive! They were also launching a new book, Sarah Bienvenu, about Sarah Bienvenue and her work.

Because it was Monday several of the galleries, that we would have liked to have visited, were closed. So if you find yourself in Santa Fe on Monday and want to look at art, not all galleries are open.

Next stop was Argos Etching and Paintings, also on Canyon Road. They were preparing for a show by Eli Levin. And we were able to see many of his paintings, which were "paintings of the neighborhood, or of the hood." Levin studied with the Social Realists of the WPA era. The paintings were realist and the work seemed authentic and fresh. (www.argos-gallery.com)

Then it was to the Museum to see the juried show, Art on the Edge. The work I most responded to, was the work of Kate Beck. The works were mostly black. And the image was stripes. But the works were beautifully executed and deeply meditative. They were very inspirational. (www.nmartmuseum.org)

Then by a stroke of good luck as we passed the Charlotte Jackson Fine Art, through the window we could see that the work of Joan Watts were still hanging! Again by a stroke of luck the gallery was open, even though it was Monday and we were able to see the work. The show was over June 7, but even though it was the 14th the show was still hanging. I was so excited to see this work. I had wanted all month to get to Santa Fe to see this show, but it just didn't happen. The works were brilliant! And very beautifully crafted. I think the images will stay with me all my days. (www.charlottejackson.com) (There was one small thing that bothered me just a little....and that was that the works were gradated from dark to light, and it seemed the works worked better when the dark was at the bottom, for there was a dark shadow at the bottom and when the works were light to dark, side, to side, the shadow on the wall seemed to be working against the works of art, although this could be corrected by lighting.) But the works were, oh so beautiful. And strong! These works made me think of what some people call "near death experiences," when they talk about the light at the end of the tunnel.

The last gallery we visited was the Lew Allen at the rail-yard. They were showing the work of Woody Gwyn, a master craftsman. It was fun to see. The works were landscapes and seascapes. The paintings were executed mostly on long narrow canvases. Though there were two very large canvases. His work is photo-realist. And if one might question his heart, there was no questioning his courage, and his technique. (www.lewallengalleries.com)

On the whole, it was a good day for art. And keep in mind the opinions I give were my own. On this day there was much to love.


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I viewed Joan Watts work and found it stunning...it would have been wonderful alive and in person. Sounds like a great artist day out!

annell said...

Thanks Blue, wish you were here to be with me. We would have had a lot of fun. And your special insight!

Kate Beck said...

Thank you so much, Anelle, for visiting the New Mexico Museum of Art and mentioning my installation. The gallery I share with Eric Tillinghast's incredible water sculpture is very quiet and meditative, yet deeply personal and engaging. I'm so pleased you could experience it...