Monday, June 28, 2010

June 28, 2010 The Meaning of Horses

Today it is Monday, again. It is hard to believe,... and I become Alice and I wonder where I am and where did it all go? I look out the studio window and the sun shines brightly, reflected off the stucco house, just on the other side of the arroyo to the West of me. The fan whirrs, it is still hot in Taos. But the afternoon rains have started and that helps to cool things off. I breath the fresh air.

And I wonder how you are? Will you paint today? Will your thoughts join mine, in the river of creation?

Joy Harjo, is one of my very favorite poets. In her introduction to "she had some horses," she talks about the meaning of "horses" for her. She says, when asked about the meaning, "It's not he poet's work to reduce the poem from poetry to logical sense." And I agree, that is true also of the artist, it is not the artist's work to reduce the painting from poetry to logical sense. Sometimes we know,...know what we are after, and sometimes we do not have the words, it is only the feeling. I think sometimes we only create a space for the viewer to have their own thoughts.

Later in the introduction, she says, "Horses, like the rest of us, can transform and be transformed. A horse could be a streak of sunrise, a body of sand, a moment of ecstasy. A horse could be all of this at the same time. Or a horse might be nothing at all but the imagination of the wind. Or a herd of horses galloping from one song to the next could become a book of poetry. (or a painting)" With her beautiful words she puts it all into focus.

Late Summer Leaving
Joy Harjo
"...You face east.
The sun
comes up over the Sandias on star time.
It is another year,
another morning.
I watch it return in you
and say one last song to return home on."

And today, may all that you seek come into focus! And that we,... also have some horses.

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