Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Very First Post

So this is my very first post. I am wondering what will I write and will anyone want to read it?

First I would like to tell you about the sunset last night. It was glorious which is not unusual in Taos, New Mexico, but last night was a sunset that could be considered beyond belief. An abstract painting in every direction, pink, pale blue, gold, dark to deepest grays. It was a sunset to share! I will try to post pics. But since this is my first, I don't know if I will be able to do this?

This is a little poem I wrote last week.
Stumble, Stumbling, Stumbled

It's never easy for too long.
It seems, sometimes we stumble,

--We right ourselves--

Perhaps return to a safer place,
Perhaps jump to the next stone,

--We get clear--

This is what I want
And this is not.

--We begin again--

It's never easy for too long,
For sometimes...................we stumble.

I had been thinking....perhaps my work is too simple, too easy? And then it happened, I didn't like anything I did. I seek certain color vibrations in my work, they weren't happening? The work appeared as if done by one who knew nothing, had never painted before, and was making first attempts. And then, I thought, this isn't so easy after all. I said to myself, tomorrow we will begin again.......and perhaps this is where, we might say,.... and they lived happily ever after. But no, again I could not "right" myself. I had to get clear, find the way, pick up the end of the thread, scatter a few bread crumbs and continue on the unfamiliar path. The path of the artist.

I have been at it, for almost five decades, and you would think this path is familiar to me, but it is not. "The art of focusing itself has beauty and meaning; it is the art that continued in, turns art into meditation, into poetry (into painting). The question of place resolves itself into point of view." --Peggy Pond Church, Bones Incandescent

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