Sunday, June 13, 2010

This piece is from a series, One Day in the Life... This series of work was based on the quality of the light of the day. I realized one moment of the day could be a metaphor for the life of a person. Or the time of day could be a metaphor for a time in a man's life. And by using universal elements, such as the color black which could be a metaphor for death.

Before this time my work had been based on squares, and here I found myself in the high mountain desert of New Mexico. The squares just didn't work. They were too urban. My journey was not straight, or direct. But at last I discovered the addition of the random diagonal line to the work. It created compositions which allowed me to think about the place; earth, mountain, and sky. The work with the addition of the diagonal line was more organic.

With my work, there are always ideas behind the work.

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Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I like your metaphors...painting without meaning is a strange exercise but sometimes we don't always know the meaning when we are for a surprise now and then!