Thursday, November 7, 2013

November 7, 2013 Writers Digest/ We Write Poems #182

For today’s prompt, write a hardship poem. The hardship could be moving forward after a tragic loss, having to work through a difficult problem, or even just showing up to work. It can be serious, funny, or complicated.
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Sail Away
When skies are blue
We'll board our boat
A teacup made for two
And sail away

We have known
Storms and rain
Drought and such
But now
We'll sail away

You'll wear your hat
I'll wear mine
Pulled down low
We'll board the cup
And sail away

As the wheel turns
We find the ocean dead
The butterfly trembles
Aboard our boat
We've sailed away

Note:  I am thinking,  we get through one difficult problem, only to find another.  It probably isn't about where we are, not geographical, wherever we go, there we are.

________Nov. 7, 2013

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We write Poems:  Prompt bridges....

There is a bridge
That is very tall
Far above the water
It spans a crack
In the earth
Ripped long ago
A rift

If incase your ego
Grows and your hat
Fits no more
You go to that bridge
And you’ll feel small
The earth is grand indeed

Or if life gets too hard
And you want it to be over
Go to that bridge
It is calling you
And if you jump
It will all be over
There is no coming back

Note:  It is the Rio Grand Gorge Bridge in Taos, New Mexico.  Many people go just to look, but many people go to end it all.

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Anonymous said...

Oh wow Annell beautiful pieces that last one has a deep traumatized sort of sadness