Monday, November 25, 2013

November 25, 2013 Writers Digest/Nov PAD Challenge

For today’s prompt, take a poem from earlier in the challenge (that you’ve written) and remix it. You could take a free verse poem and re-work it into a villanelle or shadorma. You could re-work multiple poems into a new one. You could take a line from one of the poems and write a response poem to it. Or you can take it in an entirely different direction.

Forget What I Said Earlier
Yes I answered your question
With a funny response
Instead I should have said
"Insignificant nothingness"

For what else could it be
If it is not true
If it is not authentic
If there is no blood
At the scene
And no heart
In the creation
We can't call it art
It is.....
"Insignificant nothingness"

I chose my poem blindly, just picked a date and then looked to see what I had written.

Remember What I Said Before
In early morning
Before the sun
Is up
Think of me

During the day
When the sun shines
Or the sky is overcast
Think of me

Later when the sun sets
And all the world is aglow
Draw a color from the
Color box
Think of me

Remember what
I said before
No need to repeat
That if it is not true
Not Authentic
Trifling or petty
Too small to be important
Or is of no consequence
It is....
"Insignificant nothngness"

Note:  In art class my instructor used to say, if it is meaningless, it is "insignificant nothingness."

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Anonymous said...

Wow Annell I love that second stanza especially, powerful words!

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