Thursday, November 21, 2013

November 21, 2013 Writers Digest/November Pad Challenge / Writer's Digest #184

For today’s prompt, write a secret message poem. Maybe it’s a coded message, a message in a bottle, sign language, foreign language, etc. Confession time: I’m often (though not always) hiding messages in my poems, and nothing rocks my world more than when readers catch them.
Image of my Message in a Bottle Artists Book Project
In the Month of October
Alone on the seashore
I look down the beach
One direction
Then the other

The sky grey
Gulls scream as 
They dive toward the water

The tide has come in
I fold the paper into
The shape of a crane
Tuck the paper 
Into a bottle

I imagine it's long journey
It will see fish
And all manner of sea creatures
It will keep the message
Safe through storms

At journey's end
When least expected
You will 
Find it


Write We  Poems #184

Prompt: Cultivating Old Memories

Beach Comb for a Dream

Long ago
Far away
In a land
By the sea
You and I
Lived a dream
That never
Blown away
By strong
Winds from
The South
If only I
Beach comb
On a hot day
By the sea
I would
Find the
The boy
The dog
The fisherman
......and his wife


Anonymous said...

I've always loved the idea of a message in the bottle myself it is quite romantic somehow. In the second poem I was particularly struck by "lived a dream that never happened" how often do we live in denial under illusions?

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I LOVE your message in a bottle project - how gloriously wonderful. Sighed over your poem, too - especially over "at journey's end - you will find it". Wonderful, Annell.