Saturday, November 16, 2013

November 16, 2013 Sunday Whirl #135/ Writer's Digest Nov PAD Challenger


race, silky, lanky, whiskey, puddle, pain, mouth
isolate, murky, breath, marsh, razor, befuddled

Cowboy's Song
He looks around
Befuddled, lost, 
And bewildered
Searches for 
The last cow 
Her calf
The one with 
The sweet breath

He is a cowboy
Lean and lanky
Stubble on his chin
In need of a razor
Whiskey on his breath
It's the isolation

He'll check the marsh
Where waters
Are murky
It's a race to move the
Cattle down from the 
HIgh country
Before the snow

He returns home
His mouth covers mine
Skin silky under my fingers
His muscles relax
He will continue
The lost of even one
Causes pain

Writer's Digest Nov PAD challenge  Prompt:  For today’s prompt, write a half-way poem. The poem might deal with a half-way point in time. Or perhaps, a place in the dead center of here and there–in a physical sense. Even a compromise on terms in a negotiation can work.

Halfway there
Halfway gone
Halfway finished
Halfway started
Halfway full
Halfway empty
Is it the distance
We have traveled
Or is it the distance
We have to go
Is it the glass
Half full
Or half empty


signed...bkm said...

No rest when one is lost...human or calf...emotions run deep when it comes to expressed those emotions well...bkm

Robyn Greenhouse said...

Enjoyed this half way glimpse into a cowboy's life

Jae Rose said...

My mum's husband was a herdsman..he loved cows..they have a gentleness and calves definitely have sweet is love however we find it..and express..with love on this Sunday x

veronica said...

I love cowboys! And I loved this one :)

Anonymous said...

After only a few lines, I started hearing that old song Desperado, love it when that happens. It means the poem is reaching inside and making connections, seeking a more permanent place.


Anonymous said...

Great words for the wordle and what a fantastic job you did with them, you created a vivid and rich character and atmosphere. I could completely visualize your words =)

flaubert said...

I really like the wordle poem, Annell.