Saturday, November 23, 2013

November 23, 2013 Writers Digest November PAD Challenge/ Sunday Whirl #136

Writer's Digest November PAD Challenge  For today’s prompt, write an “I shouldn’t be here” poem. You can decide where you shouldn’t be: maybe it’s a place, maybe it’s a time, or maybe (just maybe) it’s a state of mind. Shake yourself loose in a poem.
Where I Need to Be
In the jungle
Dark and deep...
I shouldn't be here

Sailing the deep blue sea....
I shouldn't be here

Flying above mountain tops....
I shouldn't be here

I have no time to waste
My time is finite
I have no idea
When the end is near

I will be where I need to be
Stretch the moment to eternity


Sunday Whirl
Prompt:  habits, create, however, virtue, regard, gap,
cycle, undoing, lessen, choice, gathering, suffering

Studio Life

Spend time in the
Studio creating

Becomes habit

Time spent
"Piddling" gets you

Lessen chance
Of wasting time
Plan your day ahead
Then work like a well
Oiled clock

With regard to time
It can be your friend
Or it can be your enemy
It can slip away
The day gone
Just a gap in the process
If you are not mindful
It can be your undoing

Each day is a cycle
Eliminate suffering
Gather what you need
Before you begin

Time spent
In the studio
Is your choice
Good work habits 
Become your virture

Finish your day
On the downhill


Anonymous said...

Both gorgeous poems I admire your discipline and work ethic =) You are so talented!

Brian Miller said...

in the end we will be where we need to the meantime, we do what need the trip and not let it weigh us down too much...