Monday, November 4, 2013

November 3, 2013 Nov Pad Challenge Writers Digest

Nov Pad Challenge Nov 3  Writers Digest  Prompt:  A poem about "the last time I was here."

I was here the last time
Or...the last time I was here

Golden grasses dried in the field
Trees stand bare
The COLOR of autumn is gone
Clouds bank against the mountains
The sun shines through
Broken gray and scattered blue
Horses in the field
Nibbling last bits of green

End of autumn
Signals winter is on the way

And it was here
The coyote died
Dark night
He appeared
As if by magic
The cruel wheels
Stopped him in his tracks
An ending in an instant
We took a breath
Began again
But I can never pass here
Without remembering him

I look in the rear view mirror
The highway is empty

Down into the canyon
New snow under the sagebrush
Landscape ahead
A painting
The beginning of time
Life is full
Of beginnings and endings

In the canyon
There are trees
Still with glorious color
Yellow and orange
Oh my....
It takes my breath away
All else is grayed
The sky overcast
Tiny slivers of blue
Cerulean and cobalt

The Here of Yesterday
Is there a difference...
The here of yesterday
The here of now
Strung together
Like shiny beads
All one

Yesterday and today

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