Tuesday, May 20, 2014

May 20, 2014 dVerse/ Faith in Drawing

Faith in Drawing
It is what I do
When working on a long study
Each day I begin a new
Tie on the day’s drawing
With the day before
A lot like ironing
Out the wrinkles
Making it smooth all over
Creating one drawing
Though it is made up of
Many days
Time stitched together seamless
However long it takes.......

There is no way to get in a hurry
Just slow down
Don’t make judgments
When I hear things like
“No that isn’t right”
“It’s not going to work out”
I gently put my finger to my lips
Shush.....just wait
Keep working
Too soon to know
If there is faith in anything
Let it be in drawing


  1. it is good to have that faith in our art...and waiting at times for the right energy...i hear you there...it will come...art def teaches patience...

  2. Annell, I loved your quote and what you wrote as a result. I just recently saw a van Gogh exhibit when I was in Paris. So special to see "A Starry Night" for real. I really like the idea that if there is faith in anything, let it be in drawing... That is a philosophy I could embrace.

  3. How wonderful, Annell. I've always been so taken in by Van Gogh and his story. The courage he showed just pushing on ahead even with only Theo to love and offer support. And so it is with all the arts. We fail, we rise and try again. I feel a bit of envy, though, looking at your studio!!!

  4. I love "if there is faith in anything, let it be in drawing." Perfect!

  5. The patience you show...each line in it's right place... It sounds very enjoyable...

  6. You are a true artist through and through, Annell.

  7. Artist speaking from heart ...beautiful Annell

  8. Even though I draw with words, I understand what you are saying. Having faith in the process and, in turn, being faithful to the process, brings a richness to our lives that would be sorely missed if it were absent. Thanks Annell,


  9. "“It’s not going to work out”
    I gently put my finger to my lips
    Shush…..just wait"

    Perhaps the wisest words ever written… :)

  10. Makes me think of making a quilt..patching all the pieces together to make something whole and perfect