Sunday, July 20, 2014

July 20, 2014 TheSunday Whirl #170/Do Not Distrub

Do Not Disturb
Words written
Songs sung
A life hangs in the balance
All day long the music played
It would have taken
A little more than magic
To make my world all right

On warm summer nights
Toads sang ‘Guarrumph’
In a fortissimo tone
Then the old toad
Jumped away
The bees buzzed
And swarmed over
The honeysuckle

At the forest’s edge
Fireflies sparkled
Playing tag
In competition
With the stars up
In the heavens
...who was brighter

It would not be long...
Until the sun would set
My happiness would go away
It would all be over
The days passed
Far too quickly
The clock stopped
My brain on fire
Trying to understand
A life was ending
Passions folded 
Put away like cool linens

That morning when we arrived
She looked up from her work
There was no question
We could see it in her eyes
She had been waiting for us
The music had ended
A sign hung on the door
‘Do not disturb’
This peaceful room
My Son has gone away

July 19, 2014

Note:  This is about the time my Son was dying, I was aware of the honeysuckle growing everywhere, the scent intoxicating.   I was reminded of my childhood, warm summer nights filled with fireflies (There may have been fireflies in Baltimore, but I didn’t see any, except in my memory?).

That morning my Sister and I, arrived at the hospital, there was a woman at the desk, we had not seen her before, but it was apparent, she was waiting for us.  She explained that Jim had died just minutes before.  I had been told, ‘Children and very independent people usually die when their parents leave the room, or before they return.'  Jim was my child (and would always be in life and in death) and a very independent person.  Though saddened, I was not surprised to find he had left before we returned.


brenda w said...

This is painfully lovely, Annell. Honeysuckles will forever invoke the spirit of that time for you. Thank you for your notes, and your work. Love this one.

humbird said...

What a contrast, dear Annell! In nature and in life...fireflies returned to remind the childhood...Universe grieving with you...and children are so independent....hugs, love

Jae Rose said...

Yes the cool linen and magical toad somehow compliment and contrast the sign and the woman at the desk...I think she played an important role what she said xo

brendabishopblakey said...

So very tender, thanks for sharing this.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Beautiful and so filled with love and the scent of that flower and scent will always bring thoughts of Jim. Love this one, my friend.

soulsmusic said...

Yes, there is a soft sadness in your poem, but there is also a weaving of both healing and acceptance. This is beautiful my friend,


Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Out of your painful loss come words of wisdom and even healing. Keep writing, my friend. I especially like the way you liken the end of passions to cool linens.

flaubert said...

This whole gave me chills, Annell. I love this part especially:
My brain on fire
Trying to understand
A life was ending
Passions folded
Put away like cool linens"

Love and hugs to you,
Pamela ox

flaubert said...

*This whole poem...