Wednesday, July 23, 2014

July 23, 2014 dVerse Poetics/Your Time and Mine

Your Time and Mine
Time is not always the same
Sometimes it is as slow as molasses
On a Southerner’s tongue
And equally sweet
Sometimes it flashes by
Like a comet with a long tail
By the time one is aware of it
It is only a memory
Sometimes it passes so quickly
It is forgotten before
It can be remembered

My time is different from yours’
My experience of time is my own
And it isn’t always the same
The history of my life has all
Gone so quickly
Soon my life will be over
And it will be in no time at all

Even so I remember a time that moved slowly
As a child waiting for Christmas morning
I thought it would never come
And waiting for the summer holidays
But when they came they literally flew by
Hard to get them into focus
Hard to remember

In your last days
When there wasn’t much time left
I tried to hold onto it
I held my breath
Focused on the seconds
Tried to stretch the day
Still the sands kept sliding away
One day became the next
In a microsecond you were gone
Now I grieve your absence
The days and nights are long
The tides go out
The sands slip from under my feet
All too soon you will
Become part of my past
Most precious memory
My own

July 23, 2014


RMP said...

time is a fickle fiend or friend depending on the moment. it is nice though, that it leaves us with memories to cherish. a lovely write.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Heartbreaking, Annell........especially your closing lines. Such a long journey, in the end, far too short, and gone by way too fast.

Sumana Roy said...

happy days stay for split seconds leaving us to deal with long sad nights...this is so deeply moving...

Carrie Van Horn said...

Time can be an eternity when we are waiting for those we love...a beautiful write Annell!