Saturday, November 21, 2015

November 21, 2015 Writers Digest November PAD Challenge/ A Strange Poem Indeed

A Strange Poem

your words audible             i am your father                i am your father

almost a whisper                 a guttural tone                  is it a promise or threat

what do the words mean     where did they come from   who is speaking

my father is dead                 died many years ago        does it speak from the dead

the voice didn't stutter          the words were sure         yet i know not the meaning

this has never happened before    i am your father        i am your father

shouldn't the dead stay dead                not intrude on a sunny november morning

actually tomorrow is the day before his birthday      does he want me to remember

afraid i will forget                i tell the voice                i will never forget

i keep him with me always     a strange thing to happen on the day before his birthday

i say to the voice with love   happy birthday             you are my father

i am your daughter                and so it will always be

November 21, 2015

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