Monday, November 23, 2015

November 23, 2015 Writers Digest November PAD Chalenge/ prompt was to write an apology poem

An Apology Poem
oh yes     i am so sorry it happened      at first 
i thought      it was a misunderstanding      but upon reflection
i realized     there was no misunderstanding      the response to my words
were as they should be      you did understand     what i was saying
i began to speak     and it was those words      you took issue with
didn’t let me finish    your inability to control    words spoken in anger
hard to forget      what should i apologize for      for breathing
for being     your desire to protect      was certainly understandable
but i had no desire to hurt      from the beginning      i decided not to take part
to see where it might go      the ugly words were yours      i made no response
it seemed to make you more angry      perhaps on that day      i should have begun
by telling you how much i love you     and how much i appreciate you
perhaps that is how we should always begin each sentence      but how could i have known
it was not an ordinary day      there was a terrorist waiting      a land mine ahead
you said you thought it began earlier      but earlier      i patiently answered every question
but grew tired of the questions      and objected      the questions made no sense
seemed intrusive      someone stomped away petulantly      saying 
i was only trying to have a conversation      the sun sparkled on the water
there was a light breeze      later the day grew stormy      there was no turning back
your words      and actions were hurtful      i am sorry
November 23, 2015


Blogoratti said...

There comes a time in life when one has to apologize. Being right or matters less. Sorry, a powerful word that can change everything. A thoughtful piece this is Annell, warm greetings to you.

Marilyn B said...

I read this poem on PA, and didn't realise that it was also Brenda's wordle. That's how excellent this is!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I dont know how anyone could resist a heartfelt poem like this and not say sorry back. Especially when the hurtful words did not come from you. So hard when this sort of thing happens and one cant hear the other. I have been there and it is a sorrowful feeling.

Toni Spencer said...

It is sometimes hard to apologize, especially when one wasn't wrong. But ....
this is a very thoughtful poem and a graceful apology. I don't know how anyone could resist such words and feelings.