Tuesday, November 24, 2015

November 24, 2015 Writers Digest November PAD Challenge/November's Love Poem

November's Love Poem

You asked for a love poem...       the sun in the sky      the freshness of rain

the scent of sage after the rain      sunsets on the horizon      the moon aloft

stars twinkling in the sky       the soft muzzle of a horse      and his warm whispers

the companionship of my dog      walks in the forest       coffee in the morning

a good night's sleep      a letter from home      the rhythm of drums

falling snow      a fire in the hearth      your hand to hold

the song you sing when happy      my mothers voice remembered      your final days

and all the days of your life      your gentle heart       the years you gave me

my kitten soft and sweet      antics at play      memories shared

old photographs      picture books       laughter remembered

the smell of paint       the quiet of the studio      work accomplished
and a thousand other things i love       my life is rich      because of you

November 24, 2015

Note:  The prompt for the day was to write a love poem, and I've written of some of the things that make my life rich.


Blogoratti said...

A refreshing and delightful poem, very heart warming.

Helen said...

This is incredibly beautiful ... we have much in common. Have a great Thanksgiving!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Now THIS is MY kind of love poem. I just adore it. Sigh.