Wednesday, November 4, 2015

November 4, 2015 Writer's Digest - November Pad Challenge -- Day One, Two, Three and Four-- Poets United/A Quiet Place

The Behavior of a Small Child

it is something i like to do        a poem a day                   oops i forgot

and now it is the day after         the storm                        on times square

i really didn't mean to start anything      just trying to make a plan       someone took issue

began sputtering                        hissing                             snapping

speaking in such a disrespectful way       face all red        saying

i followed you thursday             and didn't say a word      interesting how

what we say                         and how we say it           speaks louder than the words spoken

you told me                          spending the day at the met           was not what you like to do

you aren't interested in art          you have no respect for me        i have seen this before

there was the day in my home    i had to ask you to leave            then the day in nikko

you were rude and disrespectful       your behavior                      is that of a small child

November 4, 2015



surrender                               my word of november                     it is necessary

to realize i have little control      certainly not over others            i have to surrender

allow others their experience      even if it is not mine                  it is hard to imagine

the people you love                     family                                        can turn on you

like dogs in a pack                      suddenly it is all your fault        their real

or imagined slights                     katy bar the door                   there is no holding back

they want to tell you                   how they feel                        all that you are guilty of

i did not join in the fray              it was as if i was outside             watching

i refused to respond                    still somehow                        it was all my fault

November 4, 2014



we have always been united       two peas in a pod                   sisters

life is long                                   life is short                             now we are divided

the remains of my fragile heart   rattle in my empty chest        i miss you

yet there were no crumbs scattered     the path of return           is lost

because i stood outside              as an observer                         your eyes glittered

hear your words                     and feel the pain of your actions       it is hard to believe

all that we have been                to each other                                        is now gone

November 4, 2015


Once Upon a _____________

who knows where it took place       a historic sight                  a common meadow

a hospital bed                                  death comes to us all         a final goodbye

a good predictor                     of where it will happen              where do i go

what do i do each day                     where do i do it                  will i be aware

will i hear the bell toll                     will i know                         when i grow cold

my limbs become stiff                     when life leaves my body   or

when it is over                                 the day is done                   i will no longer know

November 4, 2015

Note:  I am writing a poem a day for the November Pad Challenge...I forgot, so this is my catch-up for the first four days.


Poets United

A Quiet Place

sometimes                             the calmness and peace                i seek

just out of reach                    i can see it                                     i know it

and yet i am accused             unfairly                                         treated badly

my brain in chaos                 unable to rest                                hard to quiet the voices

i get out the remains             examine what is left                     can find no answers

hard to think about               otherworldly                  perhaps there is another language

November 4, 2015


purba chakraborty said...

It happens quite a lot. We know the place where we can find tranquility, yet it seems out of reach. A very thought provoking poem.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Wonderful writing, my friend. I wonder, if the person read these poems, if she might reconsider. I so resonate with feeling like one is standing outside, observing, in such an instance. That is what I do, as well. Sigh. Relationships are so fraught. One this central is a significant loss which I hope time will resolve. Your words speak to my heart.

Susan said...

There is another language in our dreams, one that we hold in common with kindness and love and most of all, a sense of safety. I'm glad the narrator keeps sight of that tranquility even if it is just out of reach. It gets closer and closer, leaves and returns. You wrote a lot today! I'll read the other poems after I read the entries in the Poets United queue.

Susan said...

Oh to have had a sister that close! I never had a sister to share the pain of growing up with, and I wasn't that close to my brothers. As a middle child, I often felt I was standing outside of things, to blame, and utterly outcast. I see how the tranquility poem fits into this sequence. Wow.

Rob Jackson said...

Thanks for your poem. I like the unique structure of your writing.

Sanaa Rizvi said...

my brain in chaos
unable to rest
hard to quiet the voices
i get out the remains
examine what is left

This is such a vivid image.. and so true. We often struggle to achieve a sense of peace and tranquility. Beautifully penned.

Lots of love,

Mary said...

What we do definitely speaks the loudest. Rudeness and disrespect should not be a part of a relationship.

Gillena Cox said...

Its a stuggle sometimes to get to that place (within ourselves) of tranquility. Yet we know its achievable, so yes we keep aiming for it

Have a good Wednesday

Much love...

Old Egg said...

Yes, there is another where words are unnecessary. Love and caring need no words whether we do it ourselves or it is done for us.

Peggy said...

I like this form that you are using here, one I am not familiar with. I do hope people around you stop blaming you!

Jae Rose said...

Such a raw, honest and in many ways beautiful account of how life is..the not gritty..and the pain of love and loss...each piece unique and yet connected..a tapestry..a history...and i do so hope you are well xo