Thursday, November 5, 2015

November 5, 2015 Writer's Digest November's Pad Challenge / Walking Stick

Walking Stick

i hang on the wall         next to the door             you might not know by looking

i am celebrating            i am here again this year             a walking stick i am

you can watch me for hours       and may not see a thing      i am a tawny brown

i celebrate my existence    i am a walking stick                  just hanging around

November 5, 2015


Sherry Blue Sky said...

A small visitor. How cool! You are the third poet writing about encounters with insects lately. I love it!

Carol Campbell said...

The tranquility of a stick bug!!

Blogoratti said...

Its a refreshing piece which I enjoyed.

Mimi Brad Sheng Pallin Henry said...


layers said...

I don't think we have stick bugs around here... such poetic words. Thank you for leaving such wonderful comments at my blog posts.

humbird said...

I do have a ladybug hanging/flying your image of zoom out little thing