Saturday, November 7, 2015

November 7, 2015 Writers Digest November Pad Challenge/

Simmer Down

it takes time                        when it gets too hot                           to simmer down

sometimes people               tip over                                               lose control

say things                     in the heat of the moment     words which can not be erased

the editor has retired           words tumble from your lips               like wild banshies

make no sense                     still these things can happen               if we are not careful

as adults                              we are told                                           control your emotions

words can break hearts        break trust                                           break relationships

draw a line                           between what was before                   and what comes after

then there is silence              no words can break                            best keep the fire low

November 7, 2015


Sherry Blue Sky said...

Very wise. Words, once uttered, can do damage that can be repaired, perhaps, but never forgotten. Trust is lost.

Jae Rose said...

Simmer down - that brings back memories..why should we! Sometimes a little fire in the belly and bubbling over creates something magical..and love the editor has retired..a wonderful brew... xo